My Christmas Party Playlist!

There’s a lot of Christmas music out there. There are the beloved classics that really make it feel like Christmas (Jingle Bell Rock, Let It Snow, The Christmas Song sung by Nat King Cole), the traditional hymns that take me right back to my Catholic elementary school’s Christmas pageant, and then there are the covers done by current artists, ranging from the instantly classic (anything by Mariah Carey or James Taylor) to my personal guilty pleasures (Britney and NSYNC) to the cringeworthy (Train’s Christmas album. Sorry, Train.)

Everyone has their favorites, and I’m not here to criticize for you having Beiber Christmas on repeat, but I do feel that not all Christmas music sets the right mood for a holly jolly holiday get-together. Case in point, there are tons of Christmas playlists on Spotify, but almost all of them have the occasional dud- a slow song, sad song, and sometimes just a downright bad song.

This playlist is my holiday gift to you –  nearly 3 of hours of upbeat ­Christmas party tunes ranging from classic to current and covering almost every genre- with no sleepy songs or duds in the mix. I know it might not last the length of your entire party, but you can either start over (if your friends have had enough eggnog, they won’t notice) or turn on regular music when the Christmas cheer gets old. As much as I love Christmas music, three straight hours is about my limit.


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